EMF & EMR paint shielding additive BIOBAU

The effect of the In-Photonic BIOBAU

Although the atomic light spectral energy at 1014 hertz is not yet directly measurable physically, the increased energy of the space causes a positive change in ion exchange. The method stabilises the regeneration potential of the organism in a bioenergetic manner. The increased energy of the space is, for example, clearly visible in the positive development of plants. An increased energy of space increases the bioenergetic stability of our body and the cell-activity. As a direct reaction, the resistance to environmental pollution, pathogens and oxidative stress is strengthened. In companies and offices this can be explained by decreasing absenteeism and error rates with a general increase in productivity.

An ideal location for enriched paints are therefore also in medical practice spaces. In them the sickness information is manifested in furniture and walls, not to mention the negative influences on therapists. In ionized rooms, disease energies are neutralized and can no longer be established. When adding the granules, we recommend a minimum of 2% in the private sector. A 5% admixture certainly increases the energy potential of the rooms, which is why we recommend this ratio for use in practices and clinics as well as office rooms, where many people are permanently present.

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