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We welcome to our website the Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation. CNTF offer you 'information guidance' and 'support services' that can be of assistance to you in the restoration of your health or prevention of chronic illnesses.

Through the range of different services and programs, it is their aim to offer you a 'holistic approach' to health and becoming an 'active participant' in your journey to recovery. The Foundation does not advocate 'cures' for cancer or other chronic health conditions, but exists to help you access information, support & resources necessary for you to make 'informed choices' about your health care.

The Cancer & Natural Therapy Foundation is a registered charity organization based in Sunbury, Victoria, run by a team of committed and dedicated volunteers. It was established as a non-profit organization in 1993, shortly after Sandra Maqueda’s 4 year old son’s remarkable recovery from cancer using natural therapies. (Read Sandra & Daniel’s story). Daniel, now 26 years of age is a living testimony to natural therapies, and enjoys a full active life.

As a result of Daniel’s recovery, Sandra who is a qualified Social Worker formed a group following media attention and national publicity. Over the years what started as a small informal group, has rapidly grown into an organization that now offers a wide range of services:

  • Health Awareness Support Group (operating twice weekly)

  • Documentary Film Viewing and Discussion

  • Professional counselling service

  • Access to library resources

  • Information and Referral Service

  • Quarterly newsletter

  • Reiki Healing & Home Visiting

  • Guest Speaker Program

  • Health SeminarsSelf-Help Workshops

  • Group therapy

  • Ifas treatment

  • Ear Candling

The Foundation is committed to raising public awareness of ‘natural health options’ available to individuals to enable them to make ‘informed choices’, and therefore, empower them to become ‘pro-active’ in their healing. Their services are not limited to people with cancer, and extend to anyone interested in taking a active role in their health and well-being.

As a holistic organization, we seek to provide an understanding of ‘health and well-being’ from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective incorporating also environmental factors that impinge on health.

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