Vital Water revives your water naturally. 5 Reasons that speak for themselves:- Improves taste of water, Enhances physical well-being, Strengthens the immune system, Dissolves stubborn limescale problems, Saving of detergents and cleaning products of up to 50% - Great on the environment with substantial reductions on carbon emissions 

The unit is mounted on a free piece of pipe directly to the supply line. Depending on the pipe diameter, the mounting plate is curved inwards or outwards inserted and screwed to the pipe. (ideally after the water meter)

You can enjoy all the benefits of energy revitalized water in your home or business within a few days of installation. Applications:-
Hydronic heating, Single-water intakes, Hot water service both gas & electric, Dishwashers and washing machines, Biotopes with water circulation system, Aquariums, Agricultural applications ie. flower farms, vegetables, hotels, commercial kitchens, food industry, swimming pools, laundries ...

Vital Water B6

  • Material Stainless Steel
    Size 184 x 130 x 120
    Weight 3.2kg
    Pipe Diameter 12.7 - 85mm

  • Advantages:-

    Easily mounted
    No power or cables
    Functions immediately
    No extra installation costs
    Chemical free
    15 year guarantee

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