UMH Pool

UMH Pool

With UMH Pool, UMH specifically offers an exclusive solution to energize pool water in the spa and pool field. The device is made of brass and is equipped with a special gemstone composition. Inside the device a hyperbolic flow cycle and handmade borosilicate glass vials provide a highly stable energy field. Use the advantages of natural water in spring water quality for true wellness.


Range of Use

Swimming pools  

Spa facilities



5 year warranty on function and device technology 

5 month money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory effectiveness


  • Advantages

    Water with spring water structure
    Longer period of fresh water
    Transfer of anabolic energy when swimming
    Water with higher skin compatibility
    Reduction of chlorine and detergents
    Protection for Pipes and reduced calcification - No electricity, no chemicals, no magnets

  • Specifications

    Length  1.5" 109mm and 2.5" 172mm

    Diameter 1.5" 70mm  and 2.5" 123mm

    Water flow  1.5" 150 l/min and 2.5" 470l/min

    Weight 1.5" 1.9kg and 2.5" 8.1kg

  • Testimonials

    After the installation of the UMH device, the need for chlorine has reduced by 30%. Three weeks after the installation of the 2“ UMH unit, the calcium deposits from recent years has also dissolved out of the pipes, so that all of the residue accumulated prior to the screening was filtered. That convinced everyone.

    Youth and Sports Hotel Egger / Austria


    I am happy to confirm my satisfaction with the 6/4 „UMH swimming pool invigorator. Due to my chlorine allergy I’ve had to search for an alternative for my swimming pool. Since the installation of the UMH technology in 2008 (supplemented by three UMH energizers) the difficulties are solved: no more algae, no chemicals!

    Engineer Ralph L. / Switzerland

    At my pool in Aruba (Venezuela) I had a realization that I would have never believed to be possible. In my uncovered swimming pool with a temperature of 32 ° C, I managed to keep the pool water clear of algae. This was before even with 15 che- micals not possible! Not for nothing that I have now equipped a seventh pool with UMH devices. You cannot see algae growth anywhere. I am very satisfied.


    A customer from Murcia, who has quite a large jacuzzi that consistently has water at a temperature more than 30 ° C, told us that in some cases he hardly has to put any more chlorine into the water. Only when a lot of guests go into the jacuzzi does he need to chlorinate a bit afterwards.

    Agua Viva, Frau Kuprat / Spain


    The algae problem has been solved with your UMH pool energizing. Previously I had to vacuum my outdoor swimming pool, as it was always green. Since the installation in 2003, I‘m glad that this is no longer necessary. It has worked so well.

    Doris W. / Austria


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