UMH Plant

UMH Plant

Water in Spring Water Quality.


With UMH Plant, UMH provides a high quality device specifically for growing plants, which allows you to energize all the water for your business. The device is made of brass and is equipped with a special gemstone composition. Additionally, inside the device there is a hyperbolic flow cycle and hand made borosilicate glass vials for a highly stable energy field that is specifically geared to the plant area. With this built-in device, you support your plants with highly structured water in spring water quality.

  • Specifications


    1/2" 104.7mm 

    3/4" 140.7mm

    1" 140.7mm 

    1.25" 142mm 

    1.5" 217mm 

    2" 215mm


    1/2" 79mm

    3/4" 79mm

    1" 79mm

    1.25" 79mm

    1.5" 79mm

    2" 123mm

    Water flow  

    1/2" 25l/min

    3/4" 50l/min

    1" 90l/min

    1.25" 120l/min

    1.5" 160l/min

    2" 300l/min



    1/2" 2.1kg

    3/4" 3.4kg

    1" 3.5kg

    1.25" 3.3kg

    1.5" 5.5kg

    2" 13.1kg



  • Customer testimonials

    An irrigation experiment with tomatoes in a glasshouse using energized water. Test period of 4 months.

    On average, all varieties showed the irrigation variant with energized water as an additional yield of 13.4%, with an increased unit weight of 3.6 g per plant and 3.03 more pieces were harvested.

    Agricultural College Eisenstadt


    Biophoton measurement from two cultivated cucumber samples given different water for 8 weeks.

    A: BieKom-cucumber grown with vitalized UMH water.

    B: Verhoeven-cucumber, grown with normal tap water.


    The measurements are based on the claim made by Erwin Schrödinger on the notion that the quality of food is not merely based on the content or the material composition based or caloric properties, but on the ability of the food to organize the consumer.

    This „negentropic“ function of the food is associated with the light me- mory capability. Consequently, when food is left in its natural state, we can then see its qualities.

    Biophotonics uses this relationship by measuring the „delayed lumine- scence“, the persistence of food after a defined exposure. The process is patented in Europe (EP 0430 150 B1).

    According to our method the BieKom- cucumber demonstrated a signifi- cantly higher quality than the Ver- hoeven-cucumbers. The lower CHIH values and the higher CHIEH values indicate a higher level of order.

    BIOPHOTONIC Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp

  • Advantages

    Stronger defense against pests
    Better hydration of plant cells
    Transfer of anabolic energy through watering - Protection for pipes and irrigation systems
    Improved profitability
    No electricity, no chemicals, no magnets