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Water in Spring Water Quality.


With UMH Plant, UMH provides a high quality device specifically for growing plants, which allows you to energize all the water for your business. The device is made of brass and is equipped with a special gemstone composition. Additionally, inside the device there is a hyperbolic flow cycle and hand made borosilicate glass vials for a highly stable energy field that is specifically geared to the plant area. With this built-in device, you support your plants with highly structured water in spring water quality.

UMH Plant for small to medium farms

  • Length

    1/2" 104.7mm 

    3/4" 140.7mm

    1" 140.7mm 

    1.25" 142mm 

    1.5" 217mm 

    2" 215mm


    1/2" 79mm

    3/4" 79mm

    1" 79mm

    1.25" 79mm

    1.5" 79mm

    2" 123mm

    Water flow  

    1/2" 25l/min

    3/4" 50l/min

    1" 90l/min

    1.25" 120l/min

    1.5" 160l/min

    2" 300l/min



    1/2" 2.1kg

    3/4" 3.4kg

    1" 3.5kg

    1.25" 3.3kg

    1.5" 5.5kg

    2" 13.1kg



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