UMH Master

UMH Master

Water in Spring Water Quality.


Supply your apartment or your entire home with high- ly energized water. The UMH Master is specially designed to be connected to the main water line. The device is made of brass and is equipped with a special gemstone composition. Additionally, inside the device a hyperbolic flow cycle and handmade borosilicate glass vials provide a highly stable energy field. With this built-in device, you can enjoy the benefits of natural water in spring water quality from every faucet.


Range of Use

Apartments and houses - For the main water line



5 year warranty on function and device technology 

5 month money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory effectiveness

  • Specifications


    1/2" 104.7mm 

    3/4" 140.7mm

    1" 140.7mm 

    1.25" 142mm 

    1.5" 217mm 

    2" 215mm


    1/2" 79mm

    3/4" 79mm

    1" 79mm

    1.25" 79mm

    1.5" 79mm

    2" 123mm

    Water flow  

    1/2" 25l/min

    3/4" 50l/min

    1" 90l/min

    1.25" 120l/min

    1.5" 160l/min

    2" 300l/min



    1/2" 2.1kg

    3/4" 3.4kg

    1" 3.5kg

    1.25" 3.3kg

    1.5" 5.5kg

    2" 13.1kg



  • Customer testimonials

    For two years we’ve been using your UMH energizing device for our water treatment. Since then, we only drink energized water and even take it with us when we are traveling.

    I am a diabetic and was always tired and weak. Since using the water treatment I feel much more agile and fresh.

    We always have two places where our dogs can get water, but only one of them was actually used as a place for water. As an experiment, we deliberately gave the UMH water in the water bowl that has not been previously used. From that moment on, the dogs drink exclusively from that bowl.

    Dietmar Gruber


    We have been using the UMH water purification equipment for more than half a year and are very satisfied. Based on the feedback from seminar attendees and the in-house staff, we can see that more people like drinking tap water. Some seminar guests have also mentioned that they still feel fresh and relaxed after a full-day seminar. Therefore, a significant improvement in the water can be de- termined. Additionally, the problems with rusty brown water have for the most part been solved.

    Herbert Frantes


    The water in our area contains a high level of limewater (18-22) and does not taste good enough to drink. Our children, who are three and five years old, entirely refused to drink. As the UMH unit was installed, we all immediately noticed a change: The tap water suddenly tasted softer, milder and as lively as spring water. The kids really enjoy drinking it. The kettle doesn’t have limescale build up as quickly as it did before and while showering, the energized water feels softer and more purifying. We are very grateful for this technology.

    Diane Gemsjäger


    1996, when we moved into our new home, we were extremely delighted. However, after a few months there was strong calcification on our dark blue mountings. After many discus- sions with experts and friends, we decided in the spring of 1997 on the purchase of a water treatment device with the company UMH and have not looked back since. Not only have the calcium deposits visibly declined, the quality of the drinking water has got much better. The first stop of a dear friend from Klagenfurt is always to the tap, to drink a glass of water. For her it is the best water she knows.

    Uschi Hechl-Kreuter


  • Advantages

    Elimination of a spectrum of pollutants
    Transfer of anabolic energy when drinking, bathing and showering
    Integrated cellular water with spring water structure - Noticeably softer and fresher taste
    Limestone eliminating and inhibiting
    Reduced need for detergent
    Protection of pipes and equipment
    No electricity, no chemicals, no magnets


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