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Premium filter with energization


Water in spring water quality

The UMH Hexagon is a very easy to install plug and play system, which can be installed within a few minutes under most kitchen sinks, in the practice area, in the office or in company kitchens.

By means of a Duo quality filter from Carbonit, all common heavy metals, hormones, pesticides, bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, yeasts, chlorine, DDT, drug residues and much more.m are safely reduced from the conductivewater, while preserving important minerals.

After filtering, the water is energized with a newly developed UMH device, which contains 10 different handmade glass foils as a highly stable energy field, he-xagonal structured and optimally made cell- available. When selecting the cartridges, any UV-treated water was also taken into account.

A completely new brass quality also ensures an even higher energy level of the treated water. Duringassembly, only one hose is screwed from the corner valve to the UMH hexagon filter and another from the hexagon is returned to the existing faucet.

Complex conversion of the faucet is no longer necessary, as the device provides enough water for the cold water tap with 4-6 liters per minute.

This saves you time-consuming installation costs and the Hexagon device can be easily installed by any in-house technician. In the event of a filter change / malfunction, the hoses can be easily connected to each otherin order to ensure an always safe and uninterrupted water supply



UMH Hexagon with 2X Carbonit Activated Carbon block filter

Expected to ship within 3 weeks of order
  • Faucet kitchen, office, practice. Also available as a tabletop filter with faucet. Protect from frost. Use only with cold water.

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