UMH Energy Phone Chip

UMH Energy Phone Chip



You can benefit from better health and less exposure to electro-magnetic radiation with the UMH ENERGY at home and in the workplace!



- Performance degradation, lack of energy, fatigue - Concentration and immunodeficiency
- Depression, melancholy, sadness and fears
- Sleep, burn out, and much more

UMH ENERGY can optimise performance in all the mentioned problems and many others. The body‘s energy fields can be greatly increased, resulting in improved harmoniza- tion, revitalization and regeneration of the disturbed areas.

In balancing the meridians and chakras, stimulation of meta- bolism can be achieved in addition, since the collective performance of the individual‘s tasks comes through the increased energy.

  • Application


    The UMH mobile phone chip harmonises disturbing cell phone frequencies.Thereby energy level remains stable.

    Suitable for all mobile frequencies such as GSM, UMTS, Bluetooth, DECT, WiFi, baby monitors

    Optimal filtering is maintained in the area of location. Therefore people passing are not burdened unnecessarily by interfering frequencies.
    Simply attach to the device directly.

  • Testing

    Testing by doctors and scientists

    The reports carried out with the „Prognosis Diagnostic System“, the “Imedis full expert system”, the “FKM method”, the “Oberon System”, the “Quantum Fractal Analysis” and the “Dr. Voll measurement” demonstrate the excellent conversion of low- and high-frequency radiation fields in positive energy and an enormous charge and harmonisation of all meridians of the subjects.

    In addition, to the improved energy quality of food and water it is attested. Any food that we eat, must also be integrated into the energy of our body. A high energy food density promotes this process more significanlty.

    Below are a selection of the results; more detailed energy medical reports and test graphics, and impressive reports from users can be read at “”


    Analysis of the protective function using the Imedis-Voll Expert System by Dr. rer. nat. (see in photos) Kilibaeva

    Study with 16 subjects on the compensatory effect of the UMH Energiser (3, 4.5, 7 cm) in UMTS and GSM telephone calls:


    after UMTS call

    after UMTS call with UMH-disc


    In summary, it is stated that: “The UMH ENERGISER provides reliable protection from harmful cell phone radiation and also from other interfering radiation, as has been shown in other tests. He could confirm the energy neutralization of Dect phone and wireless radiation with measurements, proving clearly both the charging of food and meridian balancing among the subjects.”


    Investigation with OBERON test-system

    Observed with OBERON conducted investigations confirming the extremely high compensatory effect of the UMH ENERGISER discs. The following image shows a strong improvement to the energy positioning in the cranial nerves of the subjects tested in the use of the UMH Energiser 4.5cm. The reduction of pathological range by 100 % was demonstrated and also, the 83 % strength gain of the compensatory response.

  • Testimonials


    Water without UMH Energy

    Heavily loaded position in the brain

    Subjects using UMH ENERGISER shows very significant improvement

    100 % reduction of pathological localisation

    Allergies, fatigue, malaise, pain of all kinds, sleep and concentration problems disappearing. Also, improvement of mental disposition and a strengthening of the nervous and immune systems have been identified. Even a positive influence on the bio-rhythm, the ability to concentrate, to clearer thoughts and of relaxed work were found.