UMH Energy 30

UMH Energy 30



You can benefit from better health and less exposure to electro-magnetic radiation with the UMH ENERGISER at home and in the workplace!


- Performance degradation, lack of energy, fatigue - Concentration and immunodeficiency
- Depression, melancholy, sadness and fears
- Sleep, burn out, and much more

UMH ENERGY can optimise performance in all the menti- oned problems and many others. The body‘s energy fields can be greatly increased, resulting in improved harmonization, revitalization and regeneration of the disturbed areas.

In balancing the meridians and chakras, stimulation of meta- bolism can be achieved in addition, since the collective performance of the individual‘s tasks comes through the increased energy.


  • -  Electro-magnetic radiation, caused by high-frequency radiation fields, UMTS masts, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, radar, TV, radio, radio stations, air traffic, etc.

  • -  Mobile phones, cordless phones and cell phone towers

  • -  Electro-magnetic interference fields around computers,

    printers, electrical equipment, etc.

  • -  geopathic stress zones

  • -  harmful negative energies in the environment


    - Neutralization of harmful substances and re-energising of food

    - Fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer and freed from negative contamination

    - Also, the taste improves significantly
    - Energising of drinks and water
    - By placing an UMH ENERGISER 30 in a house or an apartment, the space‘s energy can be increased considerably.


The UMH ENERGISER is the holistic quantum physics based response to today‘s environmental situation – often tested and recommended by scientists, doctors and therapists.

  • Current situation


    Electromagnetic-pollution and radio waves has increased enorm- ously in recent years. Today, we measure values that exceed 500 to 1000 times those of 10 years ago.

    Assured knowledge is that left-polarized electromagnetic waves deprive us of energy; weaken the immune system, decrease the production of melatonin and disrupt the questionable cell commu- nication.

    Our bodies also communicate with electromagnetic signals however, they lie far below that of the technical fields.

    Life is oscillation and consciousness. Depending on how they in- teract with vibrations and overlap, they act to benefit and enhance life or debilitate it.

    Modern information and communication technology has become an integral part of society. No one wants to or can do without it. The prescribed limits are extremely high however, because they capture only the thermal effects (body heat) and thus, are very questionable from a holistic perspective.

    It is now proven through countless studies, that the non-thermal (= biological) effects of high-frequency fields can cause massive health problems, stress, weakening of the immune system, degra- dation of EEG movements, as well as opening of the blood-brain barrier and even cancer.2

    Blood count picture of a subject and the same blood after 10 min. mobile pho- ne connection. Source: Mobile phone – Murder weapon, by Dr David Jamess

    Scientists and doctors warn strongly in terms of our health against the serious long-term consequences, and even this at fields above 10 Microwatt/m2.

    First signs of potential exposure to electrical stress and geopathic stress are:

    - Morning limb, and headache, migraine
    - Tension, stress, fatigue, sleep problems
    - Burn out, behavioural problems in children, depression3

    To reduce the personal burden of electromagnetic fields, it is recommended to disable wireless routers when not in constant use, especially at night, as these frequencies interfere with cell metabolism massively.

    DECT cordless phones pulse microwaves as does a base-transmitter day and night. They should be replaced by wired devices or changed for the latest standard of ECO-Dect, so that the base-transmitter radiates only during phone calls.

    Look at the illustration below, with the high-frequency measure- ment of a mobile phone with an enormous increase in the measured value.

  • Material


    The UMH ENERGY consists of silicon oxide (SiO2), which is obtained from pure quartz. From an energy perspective silicon has very unusual properties. This mineral is known as an ideal transformer, uplifting energies and as a storage medium for informa- tion. It also has the same frequency basis as water and our cells. The earth‘s crust is not by coincidence from 70 % silicon.


    In nature, everything is based on energy, vibration and information. Observing the quantum physically acting laws associated with these enumerated principles, represents a fundamental factor for the quality and great effectiveness of these UMH products, in all areas.

    In addition, the UMH ENERGISER by means of a special energetic treatment has been transformed into a very efficient accumulator of high energy fields. Many years of research made this possible through a two-stage energising process, with which was related superconductivity as with the orientation, to the geometrical struc- ture of the silicon.

    The treated silicon crystals thereby obtain a very high energy level. This energy field also has a strong potential for regeneration.


    Negativity, through environmental stresses such as electro-mag- netic radiation, Wi-Fi, ELF waves (Haarp), geopathic stress zones, etc. Induced frequencies are absorbed by the silicon wafer, sounded out, ordered and re-radiated in perfect, beneficial structure.

    This causes the cells to oscillate in a normal rhythm again. The original harmony in the cytoplasm is restored. A revitalization and regeneration of energy fields in the organs takes place.


    • -  The energisation is absolutely permanent and resistant to other loads.

    • -  The material is heat and acid resistant. Therefore, it cannot be weakened or altered by any negative influences or fields.

    • -  There is no physical extermination of harmful frequencies as with other manufacturers‘, but a transmutation of them, verified by many test reports.
      Harmful rays are not only neutralized, but positively converted, i.e. the technically generated left polar waves are converted in to well-tolerated right-polar waves.

  • Technical aspects

    Technical data

    30 cm, 18 cm, 7cm, 4.5cm & 3cm diameter

    30 cm diameter 30 m range. 18cm diameter 7m range, 7cm diameter 1.6mm range, 4.5cm diameter 1m range, 3cm diameter actual body

    30cm 770g, 18cm 320g 7cm 44g, 4.4cm 20g & 3cm 7g weight

    5 mm thickness

    80 % Quartz glass (silicon) and special glass 


    - To neutralise computers, mobile phone transmitters, cordless phones, geopathic zones and all types of environmental influencees, the large UMH ENERGISER18 or 30 should be placed centrally in the home or living area.

    Hereby a spherical all-round protection is achieved.

    - To neutralise and energize food, they should be left standing on the accumu-ator at least 3 hours.

    - For optimisation in the bedroom or workplace, during car trips or by loss of energy and the relief of pain, lay or sit directly on the (18 cm) UMH Energiser. According to studies all meridians are thereby harmonized again.

    - In ponds and pools the UMH ENERGY 30 reduced the growth of algae.
    For this purpose, this same product can placed directly into the water and combined with the UMH pool device.

  • Testing by doctors and scientists

    The reports carried out with the „Prognosis Diagnostic System“, the “Imedis full expert system”, the “FKM method”, the “Oberon System”, the “Quantum Fractal Analysis” and the “Dr. Voll measurement” demonstrate the excellent conversion of low- and high-frequency radiation fields in positive energy and an enormous charge and harmonisation of all meridians of the subjects.

    In addition, to the improved energy quality of food and water it is attested. Any food that we eat, must also be integrated into the energy of our body. A high energy food density promotes this process more significanlty.

    Below are a selection of the results; more detailed energy medical reports and test graphics, and impressive reports from users can be read at “”


    Prognos System Investigation of Dr.(med) Deopp

    Dr. Deopp attested this in his report: “The UMH ENERGY 30 is very suitable for the protection against electro-smog, because it equally effective against low-and high-frequency loads. The UMH ENERGY 30 not only neutralises these, but converts them into constructive waves.


    FKM Report of the IIREC Institute Dr. Medinger

    In this study of the UMH ENERGISER 18 and 7 the magnetic-field- balancing effect was confirmed as specified in the datasheet for the working radius of the discs. The neutralization of the athermal component of mobile phone and wireless radiation have been clearly identified at an office workstation.


    Investigation with OBERON test-system

    Observed with OBERON conducted investigations confirming the extremely high compensatory effect of the UMH ENERGISER discs. The following image shows a strong improvement to the energy positioning in the cranial nerves of the subjects tested in the use of the UMH Energiser 4.5cm. The reduction of pathological range by 100 % was demonstrated and also, the 83 % strength gain of the compensatory response.



    Allergies, fatigue, malaise, pain of all kinds, sleep and concentration problems disappearing. Also, improvement of mental disposition and a strengthening of the nervous and immune systems have been identified. Even a positive influence on the bio-rhythm, the ability to concentrate, to clearer thoughts and of relaxed work were found.