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The UMH Comfort provides a convenient solution specifically tailored for rental apartments, which allows you to energize the tap water in its entirety. Through the easy attachment to the main water tap of either the cold or hot water line, there is no need for separate installation. The ability to disconnect the water remains in tact, as well as the possibility for removal at a later date without any issues. The UMH unit is made of brass and is 24-carat gold plated. In addition to the 10 inter- nal gems, you will also find 10 vials, which are handmade from high quality borosilicate glass.

UMH Comfort for your apartment

  • Elimination of a spectrum of pollutants

    Transfer of anabolic energy when drinking,

    Bathing and showering

    Integrated cellular water with spring water structure

    Noticeably softer and fresher taste

    Limestone eliminating and inhibiting

    Reduced need for detergent

    Protection of pipes and equipment

    No electricity, no chemicals, no magnets


  • Before I learned about UMH, it had been my desire for years to get the best possible solution for drinking water. And then it happened. With the purchase of a new home, the time had also come to get „the best“ for our pipes. And what was really amazing was that the significantly improved water quality, after using the UMH-energizing it spoke for itself and left my skeptical partner without words and completely convinced. Now he is the one who avoids any other water and with each of our guests, he begins to explain with childlike joy, while he pours the water.

    When you consider that up to that point he had almost exclusively drank soft drinks with the occasional apple juice spritzer as the healthiest’s very impressive! Now, what else has changed: In addition to the aforementioned improvement in taste - soft, almost sweet- one turns automatically into having better drinking habits with all its advantages; clearer mind, beautiful skin and a reduced appetite. Sometimes what we assume to be hunger is actually only thirst. How exciting to experience that, too!

    With all of these advantages and the fact that we were also showering with this water, most recently in winter, we noticed we had better moisturized skin (we needed less body lotion), it was only natural
    that we wanted to make this water accessible to our employees and cus- tomers. With us it‘s all about beauty and wellness. We provide care and decorative cosmetics at the highest level here for the European market. We have one concept store in Berlin, it‘s about beauty when it comes to hair, skin and makeup. So it’s perfect for our pampered customers to pro- vide another, now essential, feature: water in spring water quality!

    Yet before I could convince my co- worker, which was tough to do, I
    had to do some explaining. When I told my co-worker that I energize my water before I drink it, I was laughed at a bit. Before long, our hairdresser reported that she preferred to take her customers to the right hair wash basins for their „hair spa“ as there was more foam, they didn’t need to use as many hair products and never- theless, or perhaps because of that, the hair shined more and could be styled better.

    UMH water has become an integral part of our personal and business life and is here to stay. It’s actually a small wonder that something so self- evident as water can move into focus to such an extent... we are extremely happy about this.


    I had already got to know and appre- ciate living water from organic markets. Now I‘m happy every day that I bought the UMH water treatment for living water. At first I thought that I would only need this vitalization when cooking, but I decided to go for the complete solution (despite the higher initial investment costs) for the entire home.

    The shower is now even more beautiful and without even realizing it, I have solved my problem with my cat: She finally drinks enough. That in itself says everything about the new water quality. Cats are well known as being incorruptible.




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