UMH Alpha for private use

UMH Alpha for private use

Water in Spring Water Quality.


The UMH Alpha offers the ability to energize water and other liquids specifically for the private sector. The device is made of brass, plated with 24 carat gold and fitted with a pyramid shaped polished rock crystal. Internal handmade borosilicate glass vials provide a highly stable energy field. Through the advantages of freestanding construction, you can even optimize bottled water and other liquids. Furthermore, through multiple energizing you can attain a custom energy level.


Range of Use

Bottled water 


  • Specifications


    Height in mm: 550
    Spout height in mm: 340

    Water flow l/min: 7

    Weight in kg: 1.4

  • Customer testimonials

    I have been using the UMH Alpha for 3 weeks now and I am blown away. My body craves this water, my children can’t not get enough of it. My skin has cleared dramatically and I feel like I’m glowing. The energy and the taste of this water is incredible. Very grateful to have found this product.

    Jenna Sunshine Coast

    The UMH table vitalization device is something we have continued to use not only privately since the end of 2010, but also in our restaurant. The response of the guests has exceeded our expectations. The water tastes smoother and you really feel the revitalization.

    The increase in quality could also be a clear measurement of the quality of water in so-called Bovis units. customer demand and the quality of our own products.

    Klaus Kilgenstein

    For 2 years we have been using your UMH energizing device for water treatment. Since then, we exclusi- vely drink energized water and even take it with us when we are traveling. I was, as a diabetic, always tired and weak. Since using the water treatment I feel much more agile and fresh. I find it very easy now to drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water. Since then, my blood sugar has almost norma- lized (from a long-term glucose level of 15.3 to 6.9).

    Another interesting thing is what I see with my wife. The situation was very alarming as there were several noticeable signs of dehydration. With the energized water, she can now manage to drink approximately 2.5 liters.

    We thank you very much for your significant contribution in improving our quality of life in this way.

    Dietmar Gruber

    After about 6 months of calling your convincing device my property, I can no longer imagine living without it. The topic of water, as I have often read, is one of the most crucial criteria for our health. Even in the six- week trial with one of your devices, I could describe the positive physical responses with an increased craving of my body for the soft, well-rounded taste of water.
    The annoying carrying of boxes was once and for all finished. As a coffee drinker, I can also notice that the lime content in my kettle has been reduced and it is much easier to remove what remains. For some time now even my two rabbits can taste the difference in the treated water. A conventional bowl with normal tap water - no revitalization- just sits there. I would be more than happy to recommend your devices to quality and health conscious people.

    Matt Rothfuß

  • Advantages

    - Elimination of a spectrum of pollutants
    - Improving cellular water and nutrient absorption capacity - Crystalline spring water structure
    - Stable bioenergy
    - Energizing of bottled water and beverages
    - Multiple energizing possible
    - Transfer of anabolic energy when drinking
    - Noticeably softer and fresher taste
    - No electricity, no chemicals, no magnets
    - Maintenance-free