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Highly effective natural combination of vital substances, in a ratio that can be perfectly used by the body. New, 500% finer grinding.


Optimal cellular dietary supplement for the daily supply of our organism with ionized minerals and trace elements.


Sustainable degradation of millions of years old sango corals from Okinawa (no overexploitation). 100% natural, without any Additives! Tested quality, free of radioactivity.


On the seabed off the coasts of the island of Okinawa, embedded in millions of years old, fossil seabed, finds the so-called "treasure of the island of centenarians", the Sango sea coral.

Apparently, the intake of the corals obtained from these corals is Minerals and trace elements are jointly responsible for:
that the inhabitants of Okinawa live on average longer than elsewhere on our planet.

The main reason for the longevity of the islanders, many see in the contained coral calcium.


We do not live on what we eat, but on the nutrients that our cells can actually absorb.


The ultra-finely ground Sango sea coral as well as
the use of crystalline-structured UMH water guarantee the transport of nutrients to the inside of the cells.

Sango Sea Coral - Elixir of Life 120gram

  • Replenishment of leached mineral deposits in our cells and tissue fluids.

    Permanent acid balancing and stabilization of the pH, by regeneration of demineralized cells.

    Antioxidant, bactericidal and fungicidalgrowth.

    Important building block for the effective elimination of free radicals.

    Activation of all enzyme systems transmitted by minerals (magnesium controls about 300 enzyme systems).

    Proven storage of calcium in bone tissue within a few weeks.

    The finely ground Sango powder allows the absorption of minerals via the oral mucosa, even if there are absorption problems in the intestine.

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