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The MBBR technology had been implemented by the Mutag team in large-scale plants already more than 20 years ago, using different types of biofilm carriers. 

Circular ~ Ø 30 mm (1“)Thickness ~ 1.1 mm Virgin PE material. This facilitates an optimization of the carrier media retention screens against blockage by solids in the wastewater. The free circular passage can be chosen with a bore diameter of 20 mm without any problems. Active surface area >5,500 m²/m³ Biomass concentration specified acc. to the application purpose.


During the development of the Mutag BioChip™, pilot trials had been performed in numerous fields of application or in extensive laboratory-scale trials using different production effluents, in which the efficiency of the carrier was ascertained.

As known, not solely the surface area but rather the amount of active biomass immobilized on the carrier is crucial when it comes to the evaluation of the carrier‘s efficiency.

For this reason, it is necessary to consider the active biomass.

Protective ring and buffer zone

The Mutag BioChip™ has a homogeneous outer ring as buffer zone, protecting the pore structure from potential damage/abrasion/cuts.

Due to its low net weight, the kinetic energy is also that low so any mechanical wear is prevented.

The surface and pore structure is evenly distributed on a diameter of 30 mm (1“) and due to its openings it provides an optimal habitat for the microorganisms.

Thicker biofilms on the exterior surface are abraded by shear forces.


It is highly important to request your respective biofilm carrier suppliers to communicate to you the required carrier media quantity, the tank size, the process air and oxygen requirement as well as the shipping charges for CIF delivery for your MBBR project.

Subsequently, you will be in the position to make the comparison.
Do in no way compare $/m³ with $/m³.

Hint: The risk is being redeployed by the person that is not able to give full specification details.


The Mutag BioChip™ is used in the following applications:

  • Compact / containerized treatment plants
  • Municipal / domestic sewage treatment (COD removal, nitrification, ANAMMOX)
  • Pulp & paper industry
  • Coke oven plants, steel industry
  • Fish-farming, aquaculture, koi carp ponds, swimming ponds
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Food & beverage industry, slaughterhouses
  • Centrate water treatment (ANAMMOX)
  • Chemical effluent treatment, textile factories

Mutag BioChip 30™ surface area >5,500 m2/m3 1 litre

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