Flowing-Vitality Bag works on an absorbtion process using one of the oceans‘s oldest organisms, coral algae. Flowing-Vitality Bag ingredients come from the cool pure waters surrounding Scandinavia - one of the world‘s least polluted areas. These special Natural ingredients have very potent cleansing qualities: Not only purifing the water but also removes chlorine and adds calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, vitamins and restores the PH level to normal.


Whether for the private household, high performance sports or for out-

door enthusiasts - With Flowing Vitality to more vitality and performance!


Flowing-Vitality Bag is a unique blend of natural ingredients from the sea, mixed with antioxidants. A product that filters, cleanses and strengthens your tap water.


Flowing-Vitality Bag adds essential minerals and vitamins to tap water. In addition, the acidity in the water is lowered. Pollutants such as mercury, E. coli and salmonella are also 100% removed from the water. The result is better, healthier and tastier drinking water.


20 BAGS per packet

Flowing Vitality Bags

  • The water from my Flowing Vitality Bag is much smoother, softer and drinkable.

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