BIOBAU Photon Granules 200 grams

For paint, screeds, plaster or mortar


The latest findings from world-renowned universities of modern biophysics, Prof. Dr. Herbert Klima, nuclear physicist at the University of Vienna, Prof. Popp at the "International Institute of Biophysics" in Neuss as well as Russian research show that the increased energy of the room contributes to health promotion.

The BIOBAU photon granules can be mixed in all building materials

It is known that in the sense of homeopathy, for example, disease information of the patients manifest themselves in the practice rooms. Or the constant change of the guests in the hotel room leaves its bioenergetic traces. For this reason, a harmonious atmosphere is rarely found. 
BIOBAU photon granules mixed in wall paints or building materials, extinguishes the effect of such disturbances. The building materials used with BIOBAU photon granules provide a pleasant atmosphere, improve the room climate and increase the room energy and provide protection against electromagnetic fields (electrosmog). More performance in everyday life and increased quality of life.



Apartments, houses, practices, clinics, schools, industrial buildings, stables, offices, workshops, restaurants, hotels, fitness studios, etc. Annoying odors, like cold smoke disappeasr just as quickly as smell in musty cellars. Improved room climate by increased space energy and air ionization. Another way to maintain health photonized silicon crystals in the use of construction biology.



  • Indoor climate improvement
  • Increased room energy
  • air ionization



BIOBAU granules are added to paint, screeds, plasters or mortars and are applied as normal.

Example of use:

The amount to be added is 2% of the weight of the material to be applied.


10 litre paint 200 gram of BIOBAU required

5 litre paint 100 gram of BIOBAU required

1 litre paint 20 gram of BIOBAU required


Available in 1~ 50 micron or 200 - 400 micron, packaging units in 100, 500 and 1000 grams

Larger units and season prices on request

EMF shielding paint additive 200 gram for 10 litres paint

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