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Carbonit NFP Premium D-9 filter cartridge

  • High performance spectrum at relatively high flow rate.
  • Optimal solution in combination with whirlers.
  • High retention rates for heavy metals (e.g. lead and copper), pesticides, medical residues and chlorine.
  • Very high protection against bacteria. Refer Scientific Assessments
  • Vitally important minerals, like magnesium and calcium, are not removed from the water.
  • The filter cartridge consists of an activated carbon mono-bloc (Monoblock®) material based on coconut shell.
  • Filter mesh: 0.45 µm; flow rate: 2.5 l/min (at 4 bar).
  • Filter capacity: ca. 10,000 litres of water.


Carbonit NFP 9 Activated Carbon Block filter for UMH Hexagon

  • Scientific assessments of Carbonit Water Filters

    The market for activated carbon-filter cartridges is large. So it might sometimes be difficult to detect true quality. Not so with Carbonit! This manufacturer not only defines very clearly the removal effectiveness for each of the contaminants — they also convince with corresponding scientific assessments and verifiable outstanding filtration performance. This is actually the decisive parameter in water filtration!

    The NFP Premium-9 activated charcoal filter cartridge was tested by several universities and testing authorities with 10,000 litres of water and over a period of 6 months. Even at the end of its certified lifetime the filter cartridge is capable to bind contaminants reliably and to deliver the cleanest water.

    The secret of the filtration power lies within the structure of the filter cartridge: Contrary to many other water filters, this cartridge is not composed of activated carbon granulates, but consists of one sintered activated carbon monoblock. Therefore the water is “forced” to be in close contact with the activated charcoal and it cannot take the way of least resistance. Thus even the smallest pollutants can be removed from the water.

    The listed assessments refer mostly to the NFP Premium-9 filter cartridge — one of the first bestsellers by Carbonit. Since this kind of assessements is very expensive, only this model was tested representatively

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