The AquaVital Water Revitaliser is a biophoton generator for the water supply of bottles of water, carafes, coffee machines, on hoses for gardens, flower water, hotel travel use and small applications or filter systems. Also avaialble for swimming pools up to 20,000 litres

It is easy to assemble disassemble  and consists of silicon quartz beads that are charged with biophotons. 



  • protects your cells and supports the regenerative capacity 
  • revitalised water contains more oxygen
  • repolarises left-handed energy forms to right-handed energy forms
  • neutralizes contaminants
  • lowers the acid content of juices, tea and coffee


Benefit for skin and hair

By washing or bathing in this charged water, the skin tension decreases and the bio-energetic radiation is enhanced. The skin is palpable softer and skin care products are better absorbed. By regularly bathing and drinking water that is loaded with biophotons, waste can be better removed from the connective tissue. This supports the immune system.

Energetic Nutrition

Foods that have been washed with water-based photonized water are charged with energy. Interesting information is inseminated. Nutrients are better absorbed and contain more nutritional value and the body can dispose of waste products better. Food prepared or washed in this water or as long as the AquaVital Water Revitaliser ironed tastes just better.


Plants react particularly positively to water that has been charged with the AquaVital Water revitaliser. They grow luxuriantly. Sick plants recover faster and even half-dead plants can regenerate themselves. In ponds and aquariums we see clear reduction of algae in a few weeks time.



With the AquaVital Water Revitaliser on the water pipe, the Calcium Carbonate that normally crystallises with CO 2  will be converted to Calcite. The old limescale in pipes will gradually decrease after placement of the appliance.


Washing machines:

With the AquaVital Water Revitaliser at home you can use up to 50% less detergent for the same washing power. Fabric softener is not really necessary anymore.


350 litre unit comes complete with leather cover for travelling as well as silicon clamp.


350 litre unit for 1 application ie kitchen faucet

750 litre unit for 2 person household mains water application

20000 litre unit for swimming pools, ponds and the like

AquaVital Water Revitaliser

  • When traveling a Naturally Energised AquaVital stick is tucked into my makeup bag so it’s handy when we feel the need to improve our drinking water.
    It’s been a few weeks now since our last trip and found I wasn’t needing to touch up my lipstick during the day. Additionally my makeup and lip colors seemed more vibrant. I used less moisturiser and it seemed to be more easily applied. Curiously the only thing that changed is I left the Naturally Energised AquaVital stick in my makeup bag, could this be energizing my make up?
    Kim R

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