Are some of your concerns addressed regarding water bottle issues? We hope to make the picture a little clearer for you with our blogs. Love to also hear your comments or articles that you would like to offer for other readers to enjoy.

New distributor is fighting Cancer holistically

We welcome to our website the Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation. CNTF offer you 'information guidance' and 'support services' that can be of assistance to you in the restoration of your health or prevention of chronic illnesses. Through the range of different services and programs, it is their aim to offer you a 'holistic approach' to health and becoming an 'active participant' in your journey to recovery. The Foundation does not advocate 'cures' for cancer or other chronic health conditions, but exists to help you access information, support & resources necessary for you to make 'informed choices' about your health care. The Cancer & Natural Therapy Foundation is a registered charity or

Why stay hydrated on aeroplanes

When you step onto an aeroplane your breathing in moisture at 30-70%. The every day common garden variety. Within minutes of taking off the humidity in the aeroplane in most cases drops to 12%. Dryer than most deserts. This parched environment has several effects including the sense of smell. It is common to suffer from dry eyes (which can cause serious problems for contact-lens wearers) and a sore or dry throat and nose. This dryness is often uncomfortable, but it might also make you more prone to infections. Drink plenty of water and sip your water or you do have a tendency to visit the toilet more often. Drinking your normal 2 litres of water a day helps with JET lag as well. Alcohol, tea

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