Are some of your concerns addressed regarding water bottle issues? We hope to make the picture a little clearer for you with our blogs. Love to also hear your comments or articles that you would like to offer for other readers to enjoy.


Find free tap water wherever you need it.

Use the map to choose from over 8000 locations that are offering free tap water.

See drinking water taps in your travels? Add taps with the Choose Tap app.

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Why Choose Tap?
Tap water is the best choice for your...


Take part in the Plastic Free July challenge and attempt to reduce your plastic consumption for the month of July. If you're taking the challenge into your school, business or organization,

We have grown from a handful of participants in Western...


When you think you need EMF radiation shielding for you and your children.

The environmental factors that can trigger illness... 

From brushing your teeth to washing your hands to soaking in the tub after a busy day, you are constantly encountering varying qualities of water. Many people know to avoid drinking tap water whenever possible. If y...


All hydration assessment techniques evaluate a complex fluid matrix and interconnected fluid compartments. Singular measurements are inadequate because fluid gain and loss alters TBW as a sinusoidal wave that oscillates around an average. The measurement resolution and...


We welcome to our website the Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation. CNTF offer you 'information guidance' and 'support services' that can be of assistance to you in the restoration of your health or prevention of chronic illnesses.

Through the range of different servic...


When you step onto an aeroplane your breathing in moisture at 30-70%. The every day common garden variety. Within minutes of taking off the humidity in the aeroplane in most cases drops to 12%. Dryer than most deserts. This parched environment has several effects inclu...





Cleaning instructions


The best way to keep your Naturally Energized Water bottle fresh and clean is washing it by hand. We recommend rinsing your naturally Energized Water bottle thoroughly under the faucet with warm soapy water at the end week and letting it air dr...


Gwyneth Paltrow has encouraged her newsletter readers to consider the impact being unkind to water has on the substance in the latest Goop missive.

In her lifestyle newsletter, Paltrow wrote about her fascination with the power of words and energy.

She cited a study...


Whether they're training or taking part in actual competitions, athletes have to maintain a delicate balance – they want to make sure that they're "giving it everything they've got," yet they don't want to push themselves to the point that they cramp up or drop from ex...

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November 23, 2016

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